The 'Alla Tuna' Team

How can we help you?

The 'Alla Tuna' team, pioneered by Recep Tuna, is based in İzmir province of Turkey. Our team can assist you in strategic networking, public and media relations with regard to cultural and artistic collaborations, societal issues and conceptual event management. We are experienced in development and implementation of cultural, artistic and social projects as well as thematic entertainment activities. Besides having an influential capacity throughout Turkey, we can also perform internationally in particular to European context. If you think your request falls under our fields of expertise, we can design your unique experience with lots of joy! Only your smile makes it to enjoy!..Contact:

Things I Can Do

* Cultural Management * Event Management and Entertainment Design * Press Affairs and Social Media Management * Institutional Relations and Corporate Communication * Project Development, Implementation and Evaluation * Fund Management

A Few Accomplishments

The Alla Tuna team's recent accomplishments can be seen through Spaces of Culture (, Daire Artist-in-Residence Program ( and The Walk (